A Paolo da Ponte tie is forever

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An essential accessory in men`s wear is a synonym of elegance; when talking about ties, Paolo da Ponte is a Must.

From the choice of materials which are from the historic silk factories in Como to the smallest of work stages, it is all rigorously Made in Italy.

The Paolo da Ponte tie is tailored with artisanal attention and passion: details such as the thread which enables the fabric to maintain it`s natural elasticity and run along the stitching without snapping are examples of this.

The selection and variety is extensive, the ties are made in varied widths, patterns, colours and fabrics, some of which are made exclusively and are all entirely handmade.

If you have already chosen one, here are a few small but important tips to help you look after your tie in the best way possible:

  1. Always undo the knot and hang the tie up when you are not wearing it;

  2. Never wash it in water, dry clean only;

  3. Small stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth: if it is oil stained, wipe the tie with a cloth dipped in Triclene and apply talc on the stain, leave the stain to absorb the powder for a few hours then gently brush the talc away.

  4. Never apply a hot iron directly onto the tie, cover the tie with a cotton cloth or simply just use the vapour stream.

By following these simple suggestions you will ensure that your Paolo da Ponte tie will stay in perfect shape throughout the years and will always be ready to enhance your outfit with elegance.