Between originality and tradition

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Trouser braces have become a very fashionable and esteemed accessory in men`s fashion, appreciated especially by those who want an original outfit without renouncing the "classic" look.

Braces were first seen during the French Revolution and initially were used to hold up buttonless trousers, their popularity suffered temporarily with the beginning of the First World War, due to the fact that the men were wearing belts as part of their uniforms: they came back in fashion during the 1940`s and still today have a large group of followers.

Paolo da Ponte braces are all adjustable in length so they can adapt to any type of physique; they are made in a wide array of models: from the mono coloured shiny elasticated ribbon braces with a classic and elegant look which evoke satin, to the more informal braces in loud colours and wide array of patterns, from those with clip fastenings which are simple and easy to use, to those with the button fastenings that offer a more vintage look.

Such a versatile accessory within the male wardrobe, they can be worn on formal occasions - in wedding ceremonies both the groom and guests wear them with elegant suits or they can be worn casually even with just a plain t-shirt giving a touch of originality to the look.

The youngsters who are inspired by the american metropolis, especially New York and the hipster trend followers love the touch of style given by this adaptable item.