Clothing Accessories: the importance of details

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Men who care about style know that accessories are often the small details which make the difference between a drab outfit and one which thrives in personality.

Whether your dress sense is the trendy casual business style or formal and classic style, a genuine handmade leather belt, a silk tie or an eccentric bow tie can make all the difference to your outfit and can be just the right accessories to enhance your favourite clothes. If the accessories are matched carefully and with taste they can help to create varied styles which often reveal hidden aspects regarding the personality of who is wearing them.

The right accessory can transform our look depending on the occasion and the time of day: adding a dark silk tie and a pocket square to a suit means adding a touch of class and elegance to your important occasions or formal appointments.

On the other hand wearing a colourful cotton bow tie and a comfy pair of braces in a solid colour provides the perfect look for the informal occasions and free time.

Accessories are therefore essential, some people say that they are more important than the outfit itself! This is why one should choose precious items of high quality which reflect the attention and care taken in choosing the raw materials, in the handcraft and good taste: all factors which are the pure essence of Made in Italy.