How to choose a Tie

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It`s not always easy to choose the right tie amongst the many on offer in todays market. However the rules to follow are not many and are simple. Lets find them out.

When matching a tie to a shirt, suit or any other item of clothing, the choice should always be made baring in mind that the tie should be darker than the shirt and more intense than the colour of the jacket, therefore it should separate itself from the rest.

The end result though must be well balanced between style and colour: it`s better not to wear a checked shirt with a striped tie, or loud colours which contrast.

Light colours are usually more adapt to a daytime look whereas darker colours are more appropriate as evening wear. Lately in mens fashion the tendency to wear tone on tone has become more frequent, especially with the more elegant colours such as blue and black.

Our ties are produced in various fabrics but silk is always the most popular, especially for those special or formal occasions.

During the colder months you can choose wool, cashmere or heavier silk ties reflecting the combination of winter wear.

For those who love looking for something new, a valid alternative to the classic tie could be a neck bow or dicky bow which has made a great come back. It`s perfect for a sporty and extravagant look and can also be worn by the youngsters.

But that`s another story…..