How to chose the right Belt

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The belt, is an accessory which has been present in men`s wear since early days, it has become the main protagonist of today`s male accessories. The belt stands out as a fashion detail but also expresses the taste and personality of the person wearing it, going way farther than it`s original function of simply holding up trousers.

This forever evolving accessory regarding style and materials, is not often easy to select. In order to make the best choice it`s important to follow this basic rule: match the belt to to either the shoes or the trousers.

A black or blue leather belt is the ideal accessory for classic suits and formal wear, but even with sports shoes such as sneakers it`s easy to match the right belt: just chose one which has the predominant colour of the shoes in it, or go for a casual look with a woven belt in leather suede or alcantara.