How to tie a knot Tie

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Even though men`s fashion is continuously evolving, the tie, which is an accessory of antique traditions is still considered as an important distinctive sign and personality signature of the man wearing it.
The fundamental feature of each tie has always been and always will be its knot. There are many well known: Four-In-Hand Knot, which was named after a 19th Century Gentleman`s Club of the same name, the St. Andrew Knot, the Windsor Knot, which is probably the most well known, it dates back to the 1930`s and inherits it`s name from his inventor the Duke of Windsor, the Half Windsor Knot and the Balthus Knot which is the largest tie knot in existence, named after it`s inventor, a great surrealistic artist in the 1900`s.
Tying a tie knot in the correct way, especially if you don`t wear one often or if it`s your first time, can be quite a difficult task. Don`t worry though! It`s not impossible either! The following video tutorials will resolve the problem with ease.
The first video shows how to tie a simple knot: it`s very easy to do and is suitable for all types of shirt collars. The second video tutorial shows how to tie a double knot: with its wide appearance, it`s best suited for spread collar shirts and perfect for light weight ties.
Easy isn`t it? Start practicing straight away maybe with one of our ties: they are all handmade with only the best Italian silk.