Our Belts

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For more than ninety years Paolo da Ponte belts have been Made in Italy combining experience and the local craftsmen ability with the speed and precision of the latest machinery that technology has to offer.

Paolo da Ponte leather belts are unique items made with passion in a work process which dictates precise steps: lets discover them together.

  1. Our graphic team transform the original idea into CAD images;

  2. A computer driven mechanism stamps on the leather the cut of all the parts of the belt (strap, lining, loop, buckle tab, etc);

  3. The next step is the coupling and trimming, so on we go to the sewing machine and the colouring of the edges;

  4. Next follows the application of the buckle, depending on the type they can be fastened on or attached with a hook levered system;

  5. The last step is the Imprint: the logo, measurement and other information are embossed into the leather.;

  6. The belt is now ready for packaging and shipment to the retailers.

All of these steps are made within our factory situated in Bassano del Grappa and are carried out by expert and specialized craftsmen.

The belt collections, updated every six months, offer a wide variety of materials: in addition to the classic leathers, many are made from fabrics such as canvas and boiled wool or more unusual materials such as alcantara or wood, all available in a wide range of colours.

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