The return of a classic

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Born as a mere formal occasions accessory, the bow tie has been proposed in the latest collections in a casual version.
You can wear it instead of the classic tie, combining it with blazers, informal jackets, with cardigans and also with sweaters.

Made of various fabrics, the bow tie can be chosen in the classic printed silk version -also used for ties- or woolen or made of cotton bright patterns and even of commonly used materials that make it unique and original.
With its funny look this accessory can create both classic and fashionable combinations, depending on your taste and attitude to dare in wearing it.

Who follows the cult of the bow tie will choose a traditional version of it which is to be tied, while the others will choose a pre-knotted version which prevents the possible incapability to tie it .
Even its size may vary. Name of the game is avoiding an oversized bow tie that might have a clown-like effect.
A bow tie can also be used by the young people who will have a dandy- like look , perhaps combining it with a pair of braces.