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Policy Statement as per the Privacy Code drawn up in accordance with the Provision of the Authority for the protection of personal data 229/2014


Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders (or on other devices which are internet enabled such as smartphones or tablet) when visiting a website. Usually cookies contain the name of the internet site which it comes from and the c.d “cookie duration” (that is how long the cookies will remain on the user’s device). Cookies can be set up from our  website (First Party Cookies) or from other websites/services integrated in our website (Third Party Cookies).
Technical cookies
These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website; There are two categories:
permanent cookies: once the web browser has been closed these cookies are not destroyed, they remain until the expiration date or until the user deletes them
session cookies: contain information that is stored in a temporary memory location and then subsequently deleted after the session is completed or the web browser is closed.
These cookies are necessary in order to visualize the website correctly and in relation to the technical service offered, they will always be utilized and sent, unless the user modifies the browser settings. Whoever may not want to keep the cookies can delete them after surfing simply by entering the privacy settings section of their browser and selecting the option delete cookies.
Performance Cookies di prestazione o di performance
These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website(which pages visitors go to most often, how many times they log in, how long they remain in the website etc) in order to provide a better web surfing experience. This type of cookie does not collect any information which could somehow identify the user. All the information gathered is anonymous and is used only in order to improve the usage of the website. These cookies are not used for commercial purposes.
Third party Cookies
These cookies are placed on a user’s hard disk by a web site from a domain other than the one the user is visiting, in other words by a third party and not the owner of the web site.

Proliferation Cookies
Proliferation cookies are used to create user profiles and send advertising messages relevant to the preferences that the user has shown during navigation.
This site does not use proliferation cookies, it does however use third party cookies, which are controlled directly by the owner of the site and therefore in order to disable the same and for further information, the user should follow the procedure provided by clicking on the following link . Here the user can obtain more information regarding the concept of behavioral advertising as well as obtaining information regarding third party cookies, promotional and targeting cookies possibly filed on his/her terminal. The user can deactivate all or only some of these cookies by clicking on the following link:

Below you will find the list of third party cookies present in the website. In order to manage and deactivate such cookies on your device, you must access the third party services notices and consensus forms to such third parties by clicking on the following links.

Google Analytics

A) The Site uses Google Analytics. This is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google") which uses cookies that are stored on the user's computer only to allow statistical analysis in aggregate form regarding the use of the website visited. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as indicated in the information available at the following link:
To consult the privacy policy of Google Inc., the independent data controller for the Google Analytics service, please refer to the website

Cookie Name Provider Purpose Expiry
_ga Google Analytics Third party analytics. Used for analysis purposes 2 years
_gid Google Analytics Third party analytics. Used for analysis purposes 1 day

The browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics is also made available by Google at the following link

Interactive Map

B) The website provides for the use of an interactive map provided by Google Inc. which normally could determine the installation of profiling cookies for the detection of information and preferences relating to the service. For more information on this service or to disable the related cookies, the user can consult the Google privacy policy at the following address:
However, on this site the map has been included in cookieless mode in compliance with privacy regulations, so it will not be necessary to proceed with the preventive blocking through the cookie banner.


C) The website provides for the use of videos with the possibility of using "embed" cookies to allow the viewing of videos on the YouTube platform Further information:
However on this site the videos are included with the "advanced privacy mode". As indicated by YouTube, this allows us to include the video without installing any profiling cookies.

Social Network

D) On the pages of the website there are some buttons for referring to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). These are the so-called "Social Network Icon", which serve exclusively to indicate the presence of our company on a specific platform. These buttons do not release third-party profiling cookies, nor other cookies.

Most browsers allow to disable, deactivate and choose which cookies can enter your computer. If you would like further information regarding cookie control, visit the following websites:
For information regarding how to update your cookie settings check below and chose according to the browser you are using:
Google Chrome version 24 or more
Go to the “Chrome Menu” icon on your browser
Click "settings"
Click “Show advance settings"
In the “privacy” section, click “Content settings” button
To disable cookies click “Block sites from setting any data” and “Block third party cookies and site data from being set”
Click “OK”
Firefox version 9 or higher
Tap “Tools” on the browser menu
Tap "Options"
In “History” choose from the drop-down menu the option “use personal settings” Disable the cookies by unchecking the tab “Accept cookies from sites”
Click “OK”
Internet Explorer versione 6 o superiore
Click on “Tools” in your browser menu
Select “Internet Options"
Select "Privacy" and then click "Advanced"
Select "Override automatic cookie handling"
Disable "first-party cookie" by selecting "Block"
Disable "third party cookie" by selecting "Block"
Disable "session cookie" by unchecking the "Always allow session cookies"
Select “Settings” which is on the upper right side of the expanded screen; it is represented by a gear icon
Select “Preferences”
On the preferences panel select “Privacy”
In order to disable cookies go to the “Block cookies” and select “Always”. Select “prevent third party websites from saving and reading cookie data” in order to disable cookies from external sites. Click “OK”
If however you are surfing from your smartphone, you must take into consideration which operating system you are using:
Default browser: Internet
Start the Web Browser
Once the browser is opened, press the Menu button on your phone
Choose “Settings”
Select “content settings”
Scroll the list till you come to “Accept Cookies” and unselect the checked box.
Open the Chrome browser
Press the menu button on your phone
Select “Settings”
Select “Site Settings”
Go to “Accept Cookies” and move the switch to 0. As regards third party cookies unselect the checked box “ Consent to third party cookies”
Open Firefox for Android
Tap the menu button (on the lower part of the screen or the top right corner).
Tap Settings (you may have to click on the “More” button first)
Tap Privacy
Tap Cookie and choose the setting “”Disabled” which prevents all types of cookies from being stored on your device.
Launch the “Settings” app from the Home screen
Select "Safari"
Under "Privacy e Security" tap on "Block Cookies"
In the following menu select "Always"
Open Chrome
Select "Settings"
in the “Advanced” section, tap on “Content Settings"
Slide the switch to 0 on the “Accept Cookies” section.
Windows Phone
In order to set which cookies Internet Explorer should accept:
In Internet Explorer, tap More > "Settings", therefore tap “Advanced Settings".
You can enter Internet Explorer settings also from “Settings” in the provided apps.  
In the area Cookies from websites choose:
Block only third party cookies - blocks third party cookies In Cookie da siti web, seleziona:
Block all cookies - blocks all cookies Blocca alcuni – consente di bloccare i cookie di terze parti.
Blocca tutti – consente di bloccare tutti i cookies.
We remind you that if you choose to disable cookies, some of the services available on our website may not work properly.